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Browse our extensive selection of Roses to find the perfect plant for you! We carry dozens of different varieties of Maine-hardy roses, as well as a few of the more delicate varieties for the serious Rose gardener. This list is a good starting point; we are constantly adding new plants, so come visit the nursery for the latest and greatest for your garden!
We take great pride in the quality and health of our plant material - We do not ship our plants; you can pick them up at the nursery, or we will deliver in the local area for a fee.
Selection and supply will change throughout the season! Please call ahead for availability and pricing.

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Rose, Bonica
Rose, Carefree Delight
Rose, Carefree Wonder
Rose, Centennial
Rose, Double Knockout
Rose, Double White Rugosa
Rose, Grandma's Blessing
Rose, Henry Kelsey
Rose, Home Run
Rose, John Cabot
Rose, Kiss Me
Rose, Knockout
Rose, Midnight Blue
Rose, New Dawn
Rose, Paprika
Rose, Pat Austin
Rose, Polar Joy
Rose, Purple Pavement
Rose, Rainbow Knockout
Rose, Red Rugosa
Rose, Sunsprite
Rose, Super Hero
Rose, Tahitian Moon
Rose, The Fairy
Rose, White Rugosa
Rose, William Baffin
Rose, Yellow Brick Road